Girls on the Run Has begun!!!

(grades 3-5) and Heart & Sole (grades 6-8) will be starting up soon!

We will hold info sessions on 3/6 and 3/7 at Beckett Life Center and practices will start the week of 3/11. (GOTR on M/W and H&S on T/Th from 4-5:30)

If any girls return their forms to you, please place them in my mailbox. They can also get forms and return them at the Beckett Life Center.


Meade School Uniform
Colors: ( Navy and Yellow)


Boys ( Navy pants with belt, shorts with belt)
Shorts to the knee

Girls ( Navy skirts to the knee)
Shorts to the knee


Boys Yellow
Short sleeves/ Long Sleeve
Button Down
Polo with collar

Girls Yellow
Shirts (short sleeve /Long sleeve)

Gym Class
Boys and Girls- Meade School gym T- shirt
Gym T-shirt ( Available for $8.00 at Main Office )
Being prepared for him is part of each students’ grade


Meade School Bell Schedule:

1st Period 8:30-9:09
2nd Period 9:09-9:45
3rd Period 9:54-10:39
4th Period 10:39-11:24
5th Period 11:24-12:09
6th Period 12:09-12:54
7th Period 12:54-1:39
8th Period 1:39-2:24
9th Period 2:24-3:09